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Here you will find information on our RCW 69.51A compliant products.
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All of our products are made with 100% USDA organic Nutiva extra virgin coconut oil and medical grade cannabis grown in Washington state.

Ask for Coco Canna products at a dispensary near you.

Our featured product, an amazing Savory medible is now available at an access point near you.

Current product lineup

CocoCanna Capsules
Cannabis infused natural coconut oil capsules
Tasty organic natural whole wheat & whole oat flour made with CocoCanna's cannabis infused coconut oil.
Delicious organic natural brownies with chocolate ganache made with CocoCanna's cannabis infused coconut oil.
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CocoCanna Taco Chips CocoCanna Ranch Chips CocoCanna Lime Chips CocoCanna Sea Salt Chips
Taco Chips Ranch Chips Lime Chips Sea Salt Chips
CocoCanna Chips!

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